Slice of Sasha” is a puzzle-physics based game by Rujogames made for LOWREZJAM 2021, a game with 64×64 pixels resolution.

Drag and release with your mouse/touch to jump your way through the level, find the key to open the door and advance to the next level.

Some blood and gore can be seen in the game but it’s just pixels!

This jam version includes 10 levels and was made in one week.

Graphics and code by Marco Rossi (

Original song “Саша” (Sasha) by Kino (link) 8 bit version by Marco Rossi

Some background graphics are derived from various free assets packs by Anokolisa ( and Egor Dorichev (

Sound effects by Freesound (

Software used:

Construct 2, Photoshop, Audition, Cubase

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