The dizzying adventures of the Red Ball continue! This time our good old friend went on an amazing journey that he will remember for a long time. Do you want to join him and immerse yourself in an adventurous atmosphere of adventure? Then, welcome to the Red Ball 7 game!

How to play?

Ahead of the players are twelve levels, where you have to collect gems, encounter unusual creatures and travel the world through a teleport. To complete the level, the Red Ball must collect five jewels. Only then will it turn out to activate the teleport and go to conquer other levels.

At each location, Red Ball will fight dangerous creatures that will attack the traveler. Angry flies, thorned armadillos and eerie totems inhabit these wild lands. Jump on top of them or find weapons to destroy monsters. In addition to monsters, there are many other dangers on the island: bombs, sharp peaks and much more. Dealing with any danger will take away the health of the Red Orb. To replenish it, you need to collect green capsules with the medicine. But to get an extra life, collect red flasks. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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