In this awesome fighting game, you can smash everything you see. Boxes, doors and walls – it’s easy to smash, but it’s much more interesting to kill the enemy. There are 12 levels in the game in total, which you can go through both independently and with your friend. Interestingly, the opponent’s actions are very competent and skillful, well thought out, so don’t expect any mistakes, you need to fight honestly. The graphics are similar to the old platformers. The controls in this game are like this. Arrows – move, N – hit, M – shot, “.” – throw a grenade, “/” – enable time dilation. Finally, this game can be played without a flash player, so you can play this wonderful and beloved super fighters game again.


1 player: WSAD – Move. 1 – Fist fight. 2 – Shoot. 3 – Throw a grenade.
2 player: Arrows – Move. N – Fists. M – Shoot. “.” – Grenades.

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