Healing Rush is a casual arcade game where you manage a hospital and all of its patients. Pick up the ill folk and take them to be treated. Give them the required medicines and pick up cash to grow the hospital!

How to Play

Patient care takes top priority

Patients with various ailments will come to your doctor’s practice looking for treatment. Tend to their ills and get paid in cash for each patient treated! Healing Rush will have you rushing around and healing patients as quick as you can.

Increase beds and hire doctors to help

Expand the capacity of your hospital by adding more beds to each area. Hire doctors to help manage the increase in patients and take some work off your back.

Add new treatment facilities to your hospital

You can add new sectors for people with more uncommon illnesses that provide a higher payout when healed. Each new facility features a unique theme, like broken bones, infections, and being hit by arrows.

Get a fresh look and upgrade your abilities

You can get new doctor threads at the lockers. Next to the locker you’ll also find the experiment station where you can upgrade speed, pick up times, and more. Keep hitting these upgrades until the clash flows in piles.

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