The boy Tomi has a rather cheerful character. He is very agile and his passion is skateboarding. He also loves to play pranks and tease the police. And today in the game Skate Hooligans he decided to play pranks and provoke a patrolman to chase him. We will help our fidget to escape from the pursuit. Having provoked a police officer, our hero jumped on a skateboard and rushed through the city streets. On his way, various obstacles await him, which our hero must overcome. He can simply go around them, jump over or drive under them. You can also use various types of springboards to make breathtaking jumps. You will control the movements of the hero using the arrows on the screen of the touch device, or if you play from the computer using the keyboard. Over time, patrol cars will join the chase, so pick up speed and rush forward. Collect gold coins on the way, they will give you points. On them in the store you can upgrade your skateboard or purchase other bonuses that will help you in the game.
The game Skate Hooligans has quite bright and beautifully traced graphics, as well as a well-thought-out and dynamic plot. Having opened Skate Hooligans on our website, you can play pranks and just ride a skateboard.

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