Dinosaur Rex is back to work! This time the lust for blood led the famous Tyrannosaurus to the heart of Brazil – the city of Rio Rio de Janeiro. Here he intends to feast on fresh flesh from the heart and is ready to make such a rustle that everyone does not seem a little. Today you will be the one to control this powerful and aggressive dinosaur. This time, you will definitely be on the side of the bad guys. Ahead of you are sixteen levels, where you need to demonstrate all the strength and fury of Rex. Tyrannosaurus will wreak havoc and panic around him. Your main task is to eat people, destroy all equipment that gets in your way, and fight the military. In some levels, your dinosaur will be equipped with cool cannons, or will be able to release flames from its mouth. Take full advantage of these bonuses and make sure that Rex is remembered for a long time in these places. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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