Our small squad of four fighters guarded the Cat of Fortune, which was located in the ancient temple. This is a symbolic artifact that many villains would like to get their hands on. But professional fighters: a scout ninja, a wise and imperturbable Buddhist monk, a samurai in a suit of armor and a geisha sniper who brings death will not allow enemies to take possession of the shrine. Right now, the heroes have to go to a beautiful Japanese garden, where sakura blossoms profusely. But the warriors are not up to natural beauty, you choose your character and help him achieve exceptional results in the battle with enemies. Increase your experience along the way, collect weapons and bonuses by opening army boxes in Ninja Clash Heroes. Earn medals, replenish your victories, a real ruthless meat grinder awaits you. The enemy will not let you down, you have to sweat, but the sweeter the victory and the more expensive the reward.

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