Ev.io is an exciting new first-person action shooter set in a futuristic world of fierce robot battles! You have to play the role of a combat cyborg, which has in its arsenal many types of weapons and universal modifications that allow him to make incredible maneuvers to quickly eliminate opponents! Win every battle and earn money to improve your character! How to play? We recommend that you create an account in order to receive additional bonuses and to be able to play with your friends. The game has 2 main modes, such as: fight to the death and team mode. The winner is the player or team that manages to score the most points by the end of the round. Battles will take place in 9 huge arenas. Explore the location carefully in search of ammunition and various weapons such as shotguns, grenade launchers or sniper rifles. Initially, you will have a powerful revolver, an assault rifle and a laser cannon at your disposal. Each weapon has its own unique parameters and characteristics. Also in your inventory there will be several types of grenades, namely: fragmentation, light and smoke grenades. Use them depending on the situation to blind an enemy or hide behind a thick smoke screen. If you hit in the head, you can inflict critical damage on the enemy. Improve your hero’s abilities, increase teleportation range, jump height or movement speed. Your hero will have a limited supply of stamina, which will be used up while running. There are 5 awesome and cool designs available in the store of your choice, divided into several categories: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Choose your play style and take first place on the leaderboard!

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