Disc Us is a massively multiplayer online social deduction game in which you have to work together to survive. This game is inspired by the popular game among us, but with different mechanisms and interesting play styles. In Disc Us, it’s not over until the game is over. If you get killed, you will be reborn in the center. If you get voted down, you can still return to the game by convincing other players to use the key to open your prison.


If you have been assigned the Traitor Disc, you must do everything you can to prevent other players from completing their tasks. You can do the following:
You can move the oxygen tanks away from the oxygen floor and / or hide them.
You can kill them multiple times by turning into a disk by pressing the space bar.
You can move the orbs further away from their rooms
Make it harder for them. But do not let yourself be caught and suspected.
Once assigned as scientists, you must act quickly and move objects to their proper locations. The spheres go to the upper room, the Oxygen Hub, in the central square floor space. The Traitor’s disc can still drive them out of the floor area, but be careful when your O2 meter drops. Debris (banana peel) ends up in the vents located in each back / corner room. The sphere pedestals are already in the room where the balls are located. Place them there and he will be protected, the Discs of the Traitor cannot take them out.

If you are suspicious of any player or need a timeout, simply press the red button in the central hub.

Release date: October 2020

Developer: Keybol (programming) and Mwaayk (animation)

Platform: web browser

Governing bodies:

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space for interaction

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