A miner named Thomas went to remote valleys located in the mountains to find as many precious stones as possible. In the game Climb Over It you will help our hero get them. In front of you on the screen you will see a certain location in which our character will be located. At a certain distance from it, a precious stone will be visible. There will be boulders located between the hero and the stone. Your hero will have to get over them. To do this, he will use the hammer that is in his hands. By clicking on the character with the mouse, you will call a special line. With its help, you will need to set the trajectory and force of the blow and when you are ready to inflict it. If all parameters are taken into account correctly, the hammer striking the stone with force will destroy it. Thus, you will clear the passage for the hero, and he will be able to get to the gem and pick it up.

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