Every sports lover, especially running, will now be able to show his virtual abilities, you certainly won’t get a charge of energy, but you are guaranteed a pleasant time. Here is the continuation of the popular runner game, and it is called Runner 3. In addition to the fact that your hero will run on fairly difficult surfaces and tracks, he will receive a good reward for winning. The road itself runs somewhere between earth and sky, but it keeps well enough, so you shouldn’t worry about its reliability. Although sometimes, during sharp turns and bends, it may seem that she is about to fall. It is worth saying about gravity, it is fundamentally different from that which we experience on ourselves on the surface of the earth. Therefore, you will have to react very quickly to all changes so as not to fall and finish the game. All this is good, but a runner cannot walk the entire distance on his own, especially since there are a lot of dangers on it, such as holes, abysses, hills, mines and other not entirely pleasant elements. There are several types of different athletes in the game, each of which is beautiful in its own way and has its own unique abilities, for example, someone jumps so high that he cannot be seen, and someone runs so fast, and it seems that a speed train has rushed past. Probably all this can be used only after a few minutes of running, and the tracks, because after that you will know the abilities of which runner are needed to complete this particular track. Try to get to the finish line without destroying your athlete.

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