In the game “Poop Clicker” you have to click on the turd in the center of the screen. For each click, you will receive bonus points for which you can buy various buildings and other gadgets. They will help you earn extra points. Any buildings and structures can be upgraded and improved. To do this, you just need to accumulate a certain amount of poop and pump the next item or building. This will help you speed up the production of excrement. With each upgrade, the poop that the fun poop at the center of the game will play will become much faster. In a word, you can get poop from factories and factories, cows, toilets and children, and then you can get to cities and get feces from all over the world. In the end, you can make the poop happy and conquer the whole planet. That’s just for this you have to get a large amount of excrement. This funny clicker will cheer you up and give you a few fun minutes. Enjoy the game and good mood!

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