A handsome and young guy decided to ride a little on various vehicles, every player who has launched the Short Trip game will probably think, but the main task is not to take a ride and get pleasure from it, but most likely just kill himself or one of the many ways to shorten his life. So it seemed to us at first, as soon as we started a deadly journey, of course you can finish the obstacle course with a living hero, but we did not succeed. Painfully many different dangers awaited the guy on the way. These can be huge circular saws, various thorns, sharp axes and flying blades. All this can kill your character, although the developers assure that with an ax sticking out of his back, the guy can still cross the finish line and then he will win, but immediately after the first level the second will begin, where the dangers are even greater and the most persistent will be able to reach the finish line. I wonder if there are such daredevils among you?

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