NERF Epic Pranks!

NERF: Epic Pranks is a fun game in which you will have the opportunity to arrange large-scale pranks for your friends using NERF blasters! The game “NERF” is an analogue of an adult paintball, but instead of paint, foam cartridges are used. Can you pin up everyone and not get caught? Have fun and start some real epic pranks!

How to play?
Your hero will be sitting in ambush. You need to wait for the right moment to fire. To get out of cover and open fire, you need to press and hold the left mouse button. But be careful not to get caught in the eye of the victim of the prank, because your target may suddenly turn around and notice you. To complete the level, you need to make a certain number of hits on the enemy. You should not be detected, otherwise you risk snatching off a weighty cuff, after which the level will be considered a failed one. Hide behind objects and other interior items, hiding from the gaze of a bewildered friend. Earn coins to expand your arsenal of weapons by buying cool new blasters from the store. Unlock tons of colorful and fun character skins and daily rewards for logging into the game. You will find many unique levels that will take place in various colorful locations, such as: swimming pool, gym, Wild West and others. Over time, there will be armed rivals who are able to repulse you. We wish you a pleasant stay!