A well-known cat in the construction business named Tom received a large order to build a new city. In the game Kity Builder you will help our hero to carry out the task. The city will be located on the ocean coast. First of all, you will have to survey the given area of ​​the territory with the cat. As you survey, you can discover a variety of resources. Now you will need to build factories and start mining them. At the same time, do not forget to build temporary housing for your workers near industrial facilities. When you have accumulated a certain amount of resources, start building houses and laying roads. Your city will get bigger every day.


WASD – Move Kity

Moving Mouse – Rotate camera

Space bar – Jump / Use Inventory item

Shift – Change mode (Exploration / Construction)

P – Photo Mode

Left Click – Use inventory item / Take Photo

Scroll Mouse Wheel – Navigate Inventory (Up/Down)

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