Horde killer: You vs 100 is a shooting game. You have to use your weapons to fight and kill 100 enemies. Unlock new weapons and change your appearance!

Run or shoot? Survive or die? It depends on your decision.

In this game, you will go to the land of your opponents. This place has 100 enemies who always want to eliminate you. Use your weapons with limited bullets to defeat all your enemies. In particular, you can shoot the explosion of red fuel barrels to eliminate many enemies at the same time. Kill them or they will kill you.

The mechanics are quite simple. You use the spacebar to climb the environment or roll, use WASD to move. This game also has classic colorful graphics and cool effects. You can unlock new skins of characters from head, hair, suit, and eyes. Let’s create your own appearance and show your shooting skills with this game!

Features of Horde killer: You vs 100

  • Unlock new character’s skins
  • Fight 100 opponents at the same time
  • Various weapons
  • Classic colorful graphics and cool effects

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to roll/ jump
  • Click to shoot

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