You find yourself in the middle of the ocean. 

You gather resources, learn how to distill water.

You find bricks to build a small town.

Soon people start arriving. You get them onboard and try to keep them happy. They too, need to survive just like you.

You put them to work, to build infrastructure and healthcare.

Then research technology that lets you thrive.

A lighthouse? Perhaps it can be of use to attract boats.

What else can you discover beneath the sea?

(Strongly recommended to play the Windows build as web version cannot export savefiles, and will not properly support audio and keyboard shortcuts.)


  1. W, A, S, D – Move
  2. C – View character stats
  3. B (during build mode) – Toggle Multi-Build

Advanced Shortcut Keys:

  1. Ctrl + Click a building to take its resources
  2. Shift + Click a building to insert resources
  3. X – Mass Delete Mode
  4. G – Mass Upgrade Mode

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